Wednesday, August 01, 2012


This summer has been full of family, gardening, and discovering new ways to maintain good health. It seems we’re learning something new everyday – and I like it!

So the newest thing around our house is nebulizing colloidal silver. We’ve been drinking it for years as it’s helped with many different issues, and now we’re taking silver to a whole new level. Inhalation my friends. Inhalation.
Ohhhh the vapor!!
We’re hearing more about how people are having very positive results, even getting rid of bacteria’s that antibiotics haven’t been able to kill. **Woot woot**

It’s definitely a controversial subject … when one brings it up, you’re sure to hear in return “but what about that guy who turned gray”?? Many have been lead to believe that if they inhale, drink or so much as look at silver that they will turn gray. Nobody finishes the story of why … it’s simple cause & effect – if you produce a product in the wrong way, your results will likely be faulty. However, if you make & take silver in the correct way, it can change your life. We actually make our own ionic silver, and colloidal silver.
Saying, “change your life” sounds kind of dramatic, but I’m quite serious. I’m one of those people who have to go on very strong antibiotics just to knock a bug down a few notches, meanwhile never actually getting rid of it. I like to call these bugs repeat offenders.

As more research comes in, they’re finding that Pseudomonas is now one of the most highly antibiotic-resistant pathogens on earth. That combined with the knowledge that Pseudomonas is what has killed some of my friends … leaves me uneasy. Medical professionals have stated that once you have cultured Pseudomonas it is very, very hard to get rid of. (Ahem. I got rid of it) =) Click here to read more about Colloidal Silver and Pseudomonas Infections

So. What to do. Keep on treating symptoms? Or defeat it entirely?

Since controversy is already the topic of conversation, I feel the need to clear my head. The following thoughts and feelings have been milling around for quite some time. I find writing - or typing if you will, to be quite therapeutic. So, here it goes…

People often quote Albert Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” – I agree. Would it also be fair to say, “Insanity is CF patients giving doctors control/permission to treat their disease and expecting not to end up a statistic”? By statistic I mean dead.

This photo is as good as it's gonna get. This = role model
If I’ve just stepped on your toes, big deal. You’ll recover. It’s about time people stopped tiptoeing around these types of issues in the name of being sensitive. You want raw? I am SICK of seeing my friends die. I write this with tears streaming down my face. Generally people start losing their friends to death somewhere in their 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s. I began to lose my friends at age 14. They’re kids. Young adults. Gone because a transplant didn’t come soon enough. Gone because they trusted their lives to their doctors who are only human. Gone because they weren’t informed.

It seems that everybody out there is holding out for the famous “cure”. Ever heard “Lets make CF stand for cure found”? If (big if & when) a "cure" was to be found for any number of diseases, how do you think it would affect all those at the upper management of their related research foundations, the Pharmaceutical industry, Scientists, Doctors and related health care professionals? Would their pay decrease? Would they be out of a job? Is your illness actually a business?

Health Care (better called sick care) is a multi billion-dollar a year industry. “What many Canadians may not grasp, however, is that Canada is a really big spender in health care. Recent estimates show that Canada spends 10 percent of its GDP on health (that’s more than $180 billion a year), which is higher than most countries, “... (Taken from ) In Canada it’s the number one expenditure. A friend of mine said it well “no profit to be made from well people”.

Am I saying never see a doctor again, and never take antibiotics? Absolutely not. The goal here isn’t to go from one extreme to the other. The goal is balance. The medical professionals have their place in this world, along with helpful treatments.
Some of my favorite oils =)

Here’s what’s not ok:
-People using drugs like preventive candy and being buried 6 ft under because of it.
-People letting others make decisions for them that end up costing them their lives.
-People viewing any professional as a god, instead of the human that they are.

Why is it that our doctors don’t tell us about the positive effects of taking raw garlic? Or supplementing? Or nebulizing colloidal silver? I could go on naming a list of things that people can do in their own homes to prevent illness, so that they have a better quality of life. Could it be that our health is not their priority? Or could it be that they don’t know any better. They’re taught a specific way to deal with sickness and disease effectively limiting them to surgery, radiation, and prescribing of toxic pharmaceutical drugs. Anything outside of this can be cause to lose their license to practice.
At the end of the day it’s our job to do our own research and figure out what is the best way to go.

Another good thing to point out is, not all doctors are the same. I am very blessed with an excellent family doctor who is open to what we do. Yay =)

Doctors are the lifeguards to our pool life. What are they there for? To be with us, constantly every day holding on to us as we try and free swim? No. They are there to intervene when we need help to stay afloat. This same logic can be applied to today’s birth industry, but that’s a topic for another time. Continuing on …

Bacteria’s are becoming less susceptible to antibiotics because instead of using it when it’s absolutely necessary (lifeguard intervention), they’re inhaling it on a daily basis. Many CF patients are on one or more antibiotics at all times, even when healthy.

Who’s the genius behind all that? Where is the logic behind treating the symptoms verses treating the cause of the problems?

Our therapy train. From right to left: my niece Linaya, Katherine,
and me. Being pounded on.
Now for CFers, the cause of the problem can’t just be treated or cured in the normal realm, because it’s a genetic issue. But ... we can change our DNA expressions. You may be thinking, whaaaat? Read on. Our bodies contain trillions of cells zooming around bringing special messages to other cells and organs. With proper bodily nutrition, our cells stay healthy and are able to communicate properly therefore correcting problems we all deal with on a daily basis.
But lets face it. This is the 21st century. People are more unhealthy, ill and lazy then ever before. Due to depletion in our soil, and the drastic effects GMO has had on our fresh produce we can't solely depend on it for good health. Our fresh produce today has only a fraction of nutrition that it used to. You’d have to eat more than half a dozen 2009 peaches to equal the nutritional content of a single 1959 peach.

“Agricultural practices are stripping the soil of nutrients with remarkable implications. They are devastating the nutritional value of crops, making dramatic changes at an alarming rate — in less than a lifetime, to be specific. As an example, the presence of Vitamin A has decreased from 41.1 (% loss) to 100% (loss) in 6 items tracked, apple, banana, broccoli, onion, potato, tomato. Of them, both onion and potato saw a 100% loss of Vitamin A, in a 48 year span from 1951-1999.”
(Taken from )

“The Earth Summit Statistics meeting in 1992 revealed that farmland in the U.S. is over 85% micronutrient depleted. Many people think that buying organic vegetables will remedy this problem. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. Just because a product says organic does not mean it was grown in nutrient rich soil. It simply means that many of the harsh chemical fertilizers were not employed. Of course, this is a step in the right direction, but it still doesn't answer the problem of nutrient deficiency.
Short of growing your own vegetables in soil you know is rich in nutrients, there is little you can do about this problem. Thankfully, your body can still receive all necessary nutrients by taking high quality nutritional supplements. You can still live a vibrantly healthy life if you are aware of the problems nutrient deficiency causes, and take action to protect yourself.”
(Taken from )

So true. Once our bodies have what it needs for our cells to communicate, things seem to harmonize =) It will send correct messages to our immune system.

More and more, people are waking up and realizing that it’s up to them to take responsibility for their own health. At this rate the patients of today are becoming the doctors of tomorrow because we have a vested interest, and it’s not our wallet.


Today's quotes:
-"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided by God in nature... the challenge to science is to find it."

-"Let your food be your medicine, let your medicine be your food. "