Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canada Day

Wow…the year is half over already! Where did the time go?

A thought crossed my mind that seemed pretty brilliant to me, and that is; everyone at some point in their life, anytime after graduating, should go completely out of their comfort zone, to a place far away and just observe. Observe a different way of being, working & living. I think life is WAY to short to stay in our ‘box’ our whole lives. God gave us a BIG world – so go out and SEE it! Experience what God has given us :)

I've been reading in Job. Wow. That book of the bible has some deep stuff. My current goal is to learn to have the patience of Job. I've also been occasionally veering back to Genesis. The other day as I was reading Genesis 42-46, I realized that wow…Joseph was SO the bigger man. Lol the term “bigger man” my sisters & I use all the time for whoever rises above everyone though kindness, or hard work, or just being the bigger person in a situation. I was like WOW Joseph, way to go. I mean, not only did he have a colorful coat, which made him AWEsome, he also had amazing character.
With what his brothers put him through, he could have easily chosen to be bitter & eventually put them to death. Instead he had a little fun of his own, and eventually when the time came, he wept, and welcomed them with open arms. He told them not to feel grieved, or angry at what had happened. He saw that God had sent him ahead, and used him to preserve a generation for them and save their lives. I mean wow…way to step up and be the bigger man.

A few weeks ago, I looked out on the road, and I saw this wee little fox trotting around. Our dog saw it soon after I had, and decided to chase it around. This little guy, which we later named “Kristofferson”, was a runt, and was wet & cold. He couldn’t outrun our dog – so our dog chased & chased him all the way to our house. We felt bad for the little guy, so we coaxed him in a live trap, and took the dog away, and let him free to his family. His mother & 2 siblings had been trotting around the yard, sniffing & looking for their lost fox.
I just love the wildlife we have around our place. We’ve had foxes, coyotes, cougars, bobcats, groundhogs, raccoons, deer, skunks & snakes. Everything about the living the country life is just, so, random =) I love it!!!

“I can choose to indulge in my frustrations or I can choose to create a habit of happiness”

Have a great Canada Day =)



Kat said...

Love you! and your blog :) You're such a great writer... TALENT! <3

Jacob Levi said...

Great blog. I enjoy reading your blogs when you post them. ;) "hint" post more.