Thursday, April 24, 2014

The last year & a half has been beyond crazy & wonderful & challenging & awesome all at the same time. Of which left little time to blog =) However – I am alive & well, and ready to blog some more.

My last post here was on the awesomeness of nebulizing all kinds of great things.  Today, I talk about a totally new topic. This is something that was brand new to me, and made me cringe when I first heard of it. My first thoughts were “are you kidding me right now?!?…” (With a super high pitched voice). However, my opinions on the topic have drastically changed as I've seen jaw dropping results that would be WRONG of me not to share with all my health buddies out there.


Don’t shriek & don’t go into cardiac arrest.  Not allowed. Not this time.

I got to a place in my health journey that made my husband & I wonder why certain aspects of my health seemed to plateau. Especially since our everyday food consumption consisted of organic, non-GMO, best-that-we-can-do type stuff. No white flour or sugar – mill our own grains, raw honey, raw cane sugar (complete sugar replacement), lots of new things made at home after discovering they were GMO (Miracle Whip for example, which now I make at home and it’s like the same, message me for the recipe :) … anyways, the point is – excellent diet, top of the line supplements & herbs, but yet not an increase in health or wellness.

My husband & I were talking about it, and he wondered … is there some sort of lining that is preventing absorption of all these nutrients? Especially since being diagnosed with CF at 3 weeks, and struggling big time with weight & malabsorption.  

He did oodles & oodles of research and we decided to try coffee enemas out. The benefits alone for the gallbladder & liver seemed to be well worth it.  According to our research, coffee enemas are not new at all. They've been around for hundreds of years. Once again we got reminded of King Solomon's words "There is nothing new under the sun".

Coffee enemas are believed, by alternative practitioners, to enhance gallbladder and liver function and, in turn, process and excrete accumulated toxins, dead cells and bile waste products from the gallbladder and liver.

Coffee enemas are effective in stimulating a complex enzyme system involved in liver detoxification (called the Glutathione S-transferase enzyme system). The activity of these enzymes decreases free radical damage and blocks the activity of potent carcinogens. This increases the body’s detoxification rate by almost 600%. Studies have shown that coffee enemas also stimulate the contraction and emptying of the gallbladder. Coffee contains choleretics, substances that increase the release of toxin-rich bile from the gallbladder. ” 
– (Taken from “Precision Healing” by Gary L. Tunsky)

Side note: Some CFers suffer from CF associated liver disease or are at risk for it. Something for people to be proactive about. 

So, we ordered organic coffee specifically for enemas, bought an enema bag ($11 - $12 at your local drug store = making it financially doable. No crazy prices involved!) and started doing 2 enemas a day – AM & PM. In the evening we followed the coffee enema up by doing a chamomile enema so that I wouldn't have an issue sleeping. We did it for 3 months, and then decreased to 1 per week or 1 every other week.

Then we began Colonics. So far I've done 3 over a period of 1 ½ months. The day following my 2nd colonic, I passed what I decided to call a “foreign object” (with a very strong French accent) … it was just under 5” long.
I sent it into the lab for testing because I wanted confirmation of what I thought it was. 3 weeks later I got a call, with the results. Drum-roll ...  It had been a long piece of mucus. In total I have passed about 18" of mucus.

Hearing that was a big time cause for celebration! It was SUCH an encouragement to me. Filled me with hope for not just myself, but for others.
At the end of the day, you can eat & drink as healthy as possible, but if you’re not digesting or absorbing it properly, it helps you virtually nothing. A lot of expensive urine & bowel movements would be more accurate terms.

Especially with a history of antibiotics, junk food or unhealthy diets – … we have stuff inside of us that’s probably been there since we were kids. Not even kidding. During colonics, some have passed things that have been in there 20+ years. Disgusting! Now you may shriek. It’s justified.

I'm all about cleansing the body and getting rid of what doesn't belong there, and enhancing the body’s ability to function the way God designed it to. This is an excellent way to do it.

Here are a few reasons why you should try an enema:

1. Reduces levels of toxicity by up to 600%. 

2. Cleans and heals the colon, improving peristalis.

3. Increases energy levels, improves mental clarity and mood.

4. Helps with depression, bad moods, sluggishness.

5. Helps eliminate parasites and candida.

6. Improves digestion, bile flow, eases bloating.

7. Detoxifies the liver and helps repair the liver.
(Taken from this website)

There is so much helpful information online – even youtube videos (not of the actual process, don’t worry) which explain the many benefits, the many testimonials, how to make & store the coffee, the different amounts one can do … et cetera. You might come across mixed opinions of which side to lay on, whether to massage your tummy or not, but it’s a totally up to you. What worked best for me was to lay on my right side.

Here’s a really good link about enemas from an awesome blogger =)

This was the protocol that worked best for me:
AM: ½ cup pre-made enema Coffee with 1 ½ cups filtered water. Heat to body temp &  go! Hold 15 minutes. Release.
PM: ½ cup pre-made enema Coffee with 1 ½ cups filtered water. Hold 15 minutes. Release and follow up with, 1 cup organic pre-made Chamomile tea with 1 cup filtered water. Again, hold 15 minutes.
Sometimes 15 minutes feels like forever. Don't feel bad if now & then you can't keep it that long. Try and breathe through it and hold as long as you possibly can. However, when you get to that point of nature calling, one must answer. =)

Side note: Avoid using a paper or cloth filter to strain coffee since some of the prime elements such as Cafestol will be lost by filtering the coffee this way.

If you don't have organic Chamomile at home & you're interested in adding this to your protocol, BulkHerbStore is a great place to get organic herbs. Click here for organic chamomile.

Now, grab a glass of juice, or water, or tea – and raise it up. 
~~To health & longevity. To defeating any and every statistic that is anti a long & healthy life.~~
{{hearing imaginary glasses clinking together}} 



Cindy Trice said...

I'm not opposed to coffee enemas at all. My mom used to do them when I was a child. She was always a believer that the lining of the colon has built up gunk on the wall, but since I have being doing endoscopy nursing the past 10 yrs, I have seen alot of colons! The patients prep with a standard bowel prep and obstain from eating the day before their colonoscopy. I have never seen any mucous or build up of any thing visible to the eye. Our camera tube is magnified by 10 x and I get to look at the lining of the colon close up and as long as the pt followed the prep instructions, the mucous membrane lining of their colon looks pink and clean Through out!I have even seen the colon lining of a 40 yr old woman with CF. So why is it I never seen any of this toxic build up? Like I said, I am all for alternative and natual healing/medicine, and used to believe in the need for colon cleansing, but what I see with my own eyes has me perplexed and doubt ing. What do you think?
A mom with a cf daughter who I would recommend this too if I thought it would definitely be beneficial!

Cindy Trice said...

Does my comment go blank after submitting? Not sure if you got it?

Aline said...

I have the setting for "comment approval" to keep spam off my blog - so that would be the cause for your wait - sorry! About the post, from our guesses, we were thinking that the mucus came from the large intestine. I have photos of what I passed, but didn't post them as I didn't want to scar people. If you'd like to take a look, send me your email.

Because of my curiosity, I sent it into the lab - I wanted their answers, not my own thoughts. The doctor said the mucus build-up was most likely a result of Cystic Fibrosis. Hope that helps??

Cindy Trice said...

The large intestine is the colon. I see the entire colon, which is about 5 feet in most people. I would love to see the pics, being a nurse, I won't be grossed out! My email is thanks!

Aline said...


frogx said...

why did you stop the coffee enemas?

Aline said...

I have not stopped the CE - I just did that protocol mentioned in the post for 3 months as suggested.

I still continue them either once a week, or once every 2 weeks ... as I have time & remember ;)

If there comes a time where antibiotics are needed, I increase the coffee enemas (CE) simply to help out my liver from the toxicity of the medication.