Monday, July 21, 2014

Sharing Is Caring

I had a bath.

This may seem random, or unimportant. However, quite the contrary.
It was not just any bath – it was the best bath of my life.

Let me back up here a bit. A couple weeks ago I woke up with a sore throat, swollen lymph’s, fever, congestion, and a head that felt so heavy that it could be used for bench pressing.
My sinuses were clogged, my chest didn’t feel good AND my tummy was making thunderous sounds which didn’t project an exciting future.  The next day came & went without much improvement, and on the 2nd day I was the epidimy of congested.

Throughout the day I thought of how wonderful a bath would feel in the evening – and I had a jar of gifted bath salts that I knew had something to do with “breathe easy”.

Not knowing how much of it to use, I assumed it was similar to taking an Epsom salt bath, so I dumped a good cup in there, with additional drops of my own eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils. I wanted relief.

After putting the oils & salts into the tub of running water, I left the room & closed the door to keep the warmth in the room while I gathered my drinking water, tea, tissue box, phone, and of course my laptop with “More Business Of Being Born” disc 3 of 4. =)

I come back into the bathroom with an aroma that was powerful enough to heal an army of congested soldiers.  I smiled. I smiled even bigger while slightly closing my eyes … my sight was compromised, but chest relief was here.

For the next hour I soaked in the best, comfort bringing bath ever. My sinuses, my chest … everything. I just felt amazing.

My first thought was ordering more and having a continual supply. Then I remembered the business who made this product was started by 2 moms in Tennessee. One of them has a little boy with Cystic Fibrosis. Found this on one of the news articles about them “My son, Josiah, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth," said Bausch. "Because we know what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat, because it absorbs into your skin, we came up with 'Breathe Easy' for him especially, just to help him breathe when he's congested.

Hmmm so true. Anyways, just wanted to share. It seems there’s always somebody out there who gets hit with a bug of some sort and needs relief from congestion. Breathe Easy Sea Salt Soak is the answer!

This stuff should knock Vicks VapoRub off of anybody's congestion list. Big time.

Go. Buy it. Support some awesome Mama's. Relax. Enjoy the best bath of your life.

You're welcome.

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chantellen said...

That's awesome! I'm going to order some for Stan :)